Sweet Treats

The perfect way to top off your meal.

Our desserts will satisfy your sweet tooth and can make your day a little brighter. Let our smiling staff help you choose from our selection of goodies. At Sunny's Diner you, your family and guests can end your meal with any of a diverse range of decadent desserts.

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Our Specialties

Satisfy your sweet tooth.

To top off a perfect meal, our desserts will leave your mouth watering and wanting more.

About Sunny's Diner

Unique and popular treats.

Friends, families and guests can sample a diverse range of sweet treats from our menu.

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Our Dessert Menu

Our dessert menu will tempt and satisfy any sweet tooth with ice cream, puddings, cakes, pies, baklava and more.

  • $  2.99Cheese Cake
  • $  3.99Cheese Cake with Fruit Topping
  • $  2.99Fruit Pies
  • $  3.99Pie a la Mode
  • $  3.99Cream Pies
  • $ 2.99Pecan Pie
  • $  3.99Sundaes
  • $  1.99Ice Cream (1 Large Scoop)
  • $  1.99Jell-O
  • $  2.99Bread Pudding
  • $  2.99Rice Pudding
  • $  2.99Baklava (Greek Pastry)

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